Lab One: Measurements, Metric Conversions, and Map Comprehension Exercise 1.1: 1. Draw a line on a piece of paper. a. Using a ruler, measure the line in inches and in centimeters. b. Take a picture of the line with the ruler, so I can check your measurement. c. Record the measurement as both a fraction and decimal. Line in Inches (as a fraction and a decimal) Line in centimeters (as a fraction and a decimal) Insert image of line and ruler here: What if you didn't have access to a ruler? Knowing the size of common household goods may come in handy. 2. Measure the width and height of a credit card, gift card or ID. What is the width in inches? Height? 3. Measure the height of a standard 12 ounce can of soda or similar beverage? a. What is the diameter of the lid? 4. Revisit the line you drew in Problem 1, approximately how many quarters is the length of that line? What does this tell you about the approximate length in inches?