Many organisations are faced with opportunities to internationalise and market their products in new territories. This project is designed to give students an understanding of the research that is necessary

prior to an organisation committing to internationalising,and an understanding of the cultural, environmental, political and economic impacts that can affect the success of a product in a new country. The project also allows students the opportunity to build on the marketing mix considerations they learned in MKT300, and consider the marketing plan framework in an international context. Students should select a product of their choice which they would like to internationalise to another country. Groups will conduct a cultural analysis of the proposed country and an economic analysis of the proposed country. This project represents the information gathering and evaluation that international marketers must consider when assessing the market potential of a new country. In particular, students should attempt to identify problems that would eliminate a country from further consideration, identify aspects ofthe country environment that would need further study or cause the marketing mix to require adaptation. Following the collection of the cultural and economic information, a strategic marketing plan will be developed. The country notebook section of the recommended textbook (see MKT 420 Syllabus for the textbook) provides a list of important considerations for each of the three deliverables (cultural analysis,economic analysis and strategic marketing plan). The students must consider the list and choose the most important considerations based on their product/country choice for each deliverable. Work through the elements as suggested under subheading V-Deliverables and Project Management.V. Deliverables & Project Management Deliverable (1) – Word Limit (1000 words)Weightings:10 %*Cultural Analysis The first deliverable is the cultural analysis. Groups must consider their product choice and their proposed country when reviewing the list of important considerations on page 593 of the textbook. From this list, students will decide which of these are the most important for their particular product/country and collect research according to those identified priorities. The focus in this analysis is to collect information which enables an understanding of the cultural features of the country. The information in this analysis must be more than a collection of facts. That is, how does the information help in understanding the effect on the market?

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