mework: Financing Project Development and Pass-Throughs As.... i 2 D points eBook Print References Mc Grow Complete this question by entering your answers in the tabs below. OSHIBA Req Al Req A2 Estimate the construction draw schedule, interest carry, and total loan amount for improvements. (Enter your answers in dollars, not in millions. Round your final answers to the nearest whole amount.) Month 0 Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7 Month B Month 9 Month 10 Month 11 Month 12 Total Type here to search Draws Direct Costs S Req B1 Interest 0 $ Req B2 Total Monthly Draws (a) + (b) 0 $ Req C Payments Principal OS Reg A1 #1 Req D Total Interest (g) x Payments (d) + (6%/12) (0) 0 $ Saved 0 $ Req A2 > < Prex 2 of 4 0 0 $ Ending Balance(g) Previous Balance +(c)- (d) Next > 7z 6/nmework: Financing Project Development and Pass-Throughs As... 2 D woints eBook Prim References Mc Graw Problem 16-3 OSHIBA As a financial advisor for the Spain Development Company, you have been given the construction and marketing studies for the proposed Timbercreek office project. Several potential sites have been selected, but a final decision has not been made. Your manager needs to know how much she can afford to pay for the land and still manage to return 16 percent on the entire project over its lifetime. The strategic plan calls for a construction phase of one year and an operation phase of five years, after which time the property will be sold. The marketing staff says that a 1.3-acre site will be adequate because the initial studies indicate that this site will support an office building with a gross leasable area (GLA) of 26,520 square feet. The gross building area (GBA) will be 31,200 square feet, giving a leasable ratio of 85 percent. The marketing staff further assures you that the space can be rented for $20.3 per square foot. The head of the construction division maintains that all direct costs (excluding interest carry and all loan fees) will be $3.5 million. The First Street Bank will provide the construction loan for the project. The bank will finance all of the construction costs, site nation fee of 1.5 points. The construction division improvements, and interest carry at an annual rate of 6 percent plus a loan estimates that the direct cost draws will be taken down in six equal amounts commencing with the first month after close. The permanent financing for the project will come at the end of the first year from the Reliable Company at an interest rate of 5 percent with a 4 percent prepaid loan fee. The loan has an eight year term and is to be paid back monthly over a 25-year amortization schedule. No financing fees will be included in either loan amount. Spain will fund acquisition of the land with its own equity. Spain expects tenant reimbursements for the project to be $3.90 per square foot and the office building to be 75 percent leased during the first year of operation. After that, vacancies should average about 5 percent of GPI per year. Rents, tenant reimbursement, and operating expenses are expected to increase by 3 percent per year during the lease period. The operating expenses are expected to be $1015 per square foot. The final sales price is based on the NOV in the sixth year of the project (the fifth year of operation) capitalized at 9.5 percent. The project will incur sales expenses of 4 percent. Spain is concerned that it may not be able to afford to pay for the land and still earn 16 percent (before taxes) on its equity (remember that the land acquisition cost must be paid from Spain's equity). To consider project feasibility, Required: #1. Estimate the construction draw schedule, interest carry, and total loan amount for improvements. a2. Determine total project cost (including fees) less financing and the equity neoded to fund improvements. b1. Estimate cash flows from operations. b2. Estimate cash flow from eventual sale. c. After discounting equity cash inflows and outflows, is the NPV positive or negative? d. If the asking price of the land were $390,000, would this project be feasible? Type here to search Saved vo. VID VOID ND VOID V VOID DID ii < Prev 2 of 4 Next > 7z 8 177 Desktop

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