Need to prepare the report only, 6 pages (Excluding cover page] APA Format double spaced Note from the student: The written paper has to follow the Case Study planning guide./nWritten Paper The written paper should be approximately 6 pages long (not including the cover page), typed and double spaced in MS Word with 1" margins. The cover/title page should be attractive, businesslike, and must contai the name of each group member, course name, and date. The subsections of the report should be as follows: 1. Identify and thoroughly explain the main challenge (problem) of the case. 2. Develop a SWOT analysis for the company. 3. Identify and develop possible alternatives to resolve the problem, with pros and cons of each. 4. Select the preferred alternative based on your analysis. 5. Outline your team's recommended course of action./nIs the company doing well financially? If not, why not? • Is the company in the midst of restructuring? • Does the challenge to be addressed involve internal stakeholder(s)? External stakeholder(s)? • • Is there an ethical dilemma for which you could suggest possible solutions? Is the challenge related to a macroeconomic (general environment) factor?

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