Note: Here you have to FIRST multiply the temperature in degrees Celsius TCC) with the ratio (95) and THEN add 32 to the result To convert from temperature in degrees Fahrenheit TF) to temperature in degrees Celsius TPC) use this formula TCC)=(TCF)-32) Note: The bigger parentheses around (TF)-32) mean that you have to FIRST subtract 32 from the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit TF) and THEN multiply the result with the ratio Example Room Temperature Many properties of materials are given at room temperature which is either 20°C or 25 °C depending on the source. Let us convert 20°C into degrees Fahrenheit and into Kelvins. Room temperature given as 20°C corresponds to 68 °F and 293.15 K Convert 20 "Cinto degrees Fahrenheit Practice Problem Convert 20.00 "Cinto Kelvin Practice Problem Note: Whereas we use the word degrees for the symbol ") in connection with Celsius and Fahrenheit, we do not use it with Kelvin Q2. Answer all parts of this question: Show all work with calculations. 1. Convert 50 °C into Kelvin and degrees Fahrenheit. 2. Convert 120 °F into degrees Celsius and Kelvin. 3. Convert 350 K into degrees Celsius and degrees Fahrenheit.

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