The temperature in a car parked in the sun can approach 100°C when the outside air temperature is just 25°C, and it is desirable to ventilate the parked car to

avoid such high temperatures. However, the ventilating fans may run down the battery if they are powered by it. To avoid that happening, it is proposed to use the PV cells to power the fans. It is determined that the air in the car should be replaced once every minute to avoid excessive rise in the interior temperature. Determine if this can be accomplished by installing PV cells on part of the roof of the car. Also, find out if any car is currently ventilated this way. NOTE: You need to find the average solar power in your region (mid-day), averagePV panel energy conversion efficiency, required power requirements for the fan tocool your car and required PV surface area. It is also required to draw a basic PFD.

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