Now lets use "The Moving Man" to see if we get the same answer: Use the "Reset All" button to reset the simulation. Next, enter our velocity (in m/s) of 1 into the text box for velocity. This is circled in the image below Next, click on the "run" button. Pause the simulation (same button as the "run" button) when the man reaches the house. How many seconds did it take Staring a másity of in 08 Q4. Make a screenshot after you pause the simulation (when the man is home). Paste this into a document you can submit for this assignment. Does your answer agree with the one we calculated in "Practice Problem 2"? Simulation #2 Problem: If our man starts at the origin with an initial velocity of 0 m/s, and accelerates at 1 m/s², how long will it take him to get home? Reset the simulation using the "Reset All" button. This time have the man accelerate at 1 ms. You will enter a "1" into the acceleration text box Run the simulation and pause it with the man as close to the house as possible (this may take a few triest. Copy a semshot of this simulation and paste it into your document in Section 3 Results then answer the following questions: After you have copied the screenshot for the simulation above, Copy and Paste the questions below into Section 3-Results of your Lab Report Label this Simulation #2

Fig: 1