Numerical simulation of a stenosis Goal: Perform a numerical simulation to mimic your mock loop experiment and analyze the pressure distribution within the stenosis model 1. Create a 1:1 3D 50% stenosis in Comsol or Solidworks using the CAD drawing provided in CANVAS. a) Skip the holes for pressure tap and use the cut-point tool to detect the pressure in those regions. b) Ask yourself: If we need to simulate the fluid, which portion of the drawing should we use to create the 3D model? 2. Perform a Comsol simulation for 1LPM and 3LPM pulsatile flow as input. 3. Determine what should be the output boundary condition? In your experiment, the outlet is open to air. 4. Do you need entrance length? 5. What is the material? 1.00 2.75 1.75 2.50 3.50 Ge ON ON 0.04 A 41 5.00 4.25 (2) 6.00 Holes for pressure tap (3) Diameter 0.242 Polishing not required Small chamfer for press fit #4-40 Tapped Holes MENSIONS ARE IN NOS YURANCES Example of Pressure- time plot Outside o polished

Fig: 1