on 7.4.10Practical exercise 10: Energy balance in the steam generator Ref. unit TARCITARB Objective In the previous practical exercise we have determined the capacity of the gerator in the steam production. The objective of this practice is to obtain the efficiency of the same one and to quantify the energy losses that take place. 885288 Date: Marzo 2014 Practical procedure The procedure is identical the one described in the previous experiment and both practices can be carried out simultaneously. Once we determine the points in the psychometric chart at the inlet, point A, and after injecting the steam, point B an enthalpy increment of the air takes place that can be obtained from the psychometric chart. That is to say: 60 Where, corresponds to the enthalpy of water from the tank at a reference temperature of 20°C. Under these conditions, the enthalpy of the water is hu-84 kkg. The difference between the electric power given to the generator and the enthalpy increment acquired by the air is due to heat losses that take place in the walls of the evaporator as well as in other elements. For a fixed airflow, the following table is completed 316.224.4 Power 90 Pg: 39/47 100

Fig: 1