P3-3. Draw a ladder diagram that will cause the output, pneumatic solenoid PS6124, to be ON when both push button switches PB6121 and PB6122 are closed (pushed), and either limit switch

LS6123 is open or limit switch LS6125 is closed. Do this problem for the ControlLogix, MicroLogix, SLC-500, S7,Modicon Unity and/or GE PLCs. For the GE PLC, use (1) I/O Variable and/or (ii) CPU Memory addressing. Show only the I/O address with the ladder contacts/coils. a) For a ControlLogix processor, the input/output devices are wired to: PS6124: Output module, chassis 'REM_2', slot 5, channel 12 PB6121: Input module, local chassis, slot 0, channel 7 PB6122: Input module, local chassis, slot 0, channel 8 LS6123: Input module, chassis 'REM_2', slot 4, channel 5 LS6125: Input module, chassis 'REM_3', slot 7, channel 0