Part 1: 1. The Excel file "Part 1" worksheet, a dataset is provided that contains 25 randomly selected Electoral Districts across Quebec (in Column A). The Incumbent Party (in Column B)

is the political party currently holding office for a given district before the next election, on Oct. 3, 2022. The gender of the incumbent candidate for each district is specified in Column C. Column D specifies if the incumbent candidate is seeking re-election or not (1 = seeking re-election, 0 = not seeking re-election). The Number of Candidates in Column E lists the number of candidates who are seeking election in a given district. Answer the following questions. a. What is the measurement level for each variable contained in this dataset? b. Find the frequency distribution for the variable Incumbent Party (Column B) and the corresponding percentage. c. Construct a bar chart for this variable using the frequencies. d. In a couple of sentences, summarize the distribution you found for the variable Incumbent Party.