Part 1: SWOT Analysis Follow the assignment instructions and choose just one of the scenarios listed below: • Your Assignment should be composed in a two-page APA formatted Word document. Your Assignment does not require an abstract page but does require a cover page and a separate reference page. Consider using the SWOT Analysis Worksheet template. ( Provide an appropriate paper subheading. Write an introductory statement to this section before presenting your SWOT analysis. Do not simply say you "chose scenario no. 2" - write as if the reader is unaware of the Assignment instructions. Organize your SWOT analysis on the page by either using a table or a bulleted list. Make sure it is clear which answer explains the strengths, which one answers the weaknesses, etc. Do not use sources for this part of the Assignment; write entirely in your own words./nPart 2: Visual explanations of potential solutions using Visio First, provide an appropriate paper subheading. Using the same scenario that you chose for SWOT analysis, prepare one of the following to show the options for what you can do for this client. Prepare this in Visio and embed (not link) in your Word document. Choose one of the following to draw in Visio: 1. Flowchart - A minimum of nine shapes must be included; the flowchart must be created using standard flowcharting shapes, symbols, and methodology. 2. Cause and Effect Fishbone diagram - The reading this week refers to Figure 5.2 in the text; your fishbone diagram should have approximately the same amount of detail as in that example./nPart 3: Research and paraphrasing information This part is unrelated to the chosen scenario. The textbook introduces STEEPLE, Value Chain analysis, the Balanced Scorecard, and the Ansoff Matrix. Choose one of these and use either the textbook or another academically suitable source for this part of the Assignment in which you will explain the method: Provide an appropriate paper subheading Describe the method in your own words; do not quote from your sources. Write at least 70 words. Write in full sentences. • Include an in-text citation to identify the source of your information.

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