Part 2: Application Imagine that you have been assigned to support a student in grade 6. Your supervising teacher has given a humanities assignment to the class: to choose and research

their favourite Greek God or Goddess, and then write an essay to share their new understandings. Consider the following questions and write a 2-3 page (double spaced) response: Does this learning task acknowledge and encourage different ways of learning? Why or why not? Being mindful of Multiple Intelligences, what are some different ways that the students might represent their understanding of the topic in different ways? (Share 3 specific examples- each highlighting a different intelligence.) Knowing what you know now about different ways that students learn, what would your approach be when working with diverse learning styles? How might you offer support to these learners? (Be specific.) How would you communicate with a teacher that does not provide opportunities for students to use their unique intelligences to demonstrate their understanding?