Part 3. Anti-Gravity? This portion of the lab is typically done hands-on, but because we are limited in our choice of hands-on experiments right now, please watch use this URL: (also available as an external link on Canvas). The URL takes to a video by TSG Physics, in which the person essentially recreates our laboratory experiment, almost exactly. 7) Drop a small iron ball down the section of copper pipe. Is the motion of the ball impeded in any way? Explain. 8) Now drop the magnetic ball of the same size down the section of copper tube. Currents are induced in the tube both above and below the falling magnet (pictured here as a disc for clarity). On the drawing below, find the direction of the induced current, the direction of the induced magnetic field, and the N/S poles for both induced currents. Explain how these induced currents slow down the falling magnet. 9) Repeat for the case where the N pole of the falling magnet is below its S pole.

Fig: 1