Part A - Multiple Choice [K/U - 15 marks] 1. Determine the exact value of csc 4. +/2 2. Determine the exact value of sin a. a. a. a. -2 3x 3. Determine the exact value of sec 2 0 b. a. cotx b. b. sin(x+y) a. 7x √√2 1 C. 4. An equivalent trigonometric expression for lan -A is b. —cotx 5. Which compound angle expression is equivalent to cos x cosy + sinx siny? a. b. sin(x-y) C. cos(x + y) √3 2 a. 2 8. The amplitude of the function y sinx is a. 2x b. 9. The graph of y= 1 intersects the graph of y- tanx at I 2 b. 4 C. C. T b. -3 √√3 C. √3 7. Which graph of the following functions does not have vertical asymptotes? y = cotx a. b. y = tanx C. -1 tanx cos(x - y) 6. Using the subtraction formulas for sine and cosine, the compound angle formula for tan(x-y) is tanx + tany 1-tanxtany b. tanx-tany 1+tan x tany tanx + tany 1+tanx tany d. 10. Determine the amplitude of the sinusoidal function y=-3 sin 2x-- 3)]₁ c. 3 11. Determine the phase shift of the sinusoidal function y=-3 sin a. 2 rad to the right b. 2 rad to the left C. C. X- C. C. d. d. d. d. d. 1 t انا +1. y = sinx d. 1|2 +1. برانه rad to the left undefined none of the above d. d. d. tanx-tany 1-tanxtany y = secx 2 T d. to the right

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