Part B: Structured Essay Questions (25 marks) Question 1 (8 marks)There are many forms of colour vision deficiencies that are inherited via the X chromosome in humans. Recently one allele of one form of recessive colour vision deficiency was tested and found to be nearly identical. When tested with the restriction enzyme Sac I, the allele for normal vision forms two fragments (380 and 120 kbp). Whereas the colour deficient allele is not affected. a. Draw and label on the following gel electrophoresis the bands you would expect from a son who has this colour deficient allele and the mother who can see colour normally. b. Indicate in the gel where you would place the negative and positive terminals C. Explain what properties of DNA allow it to move and to separate during gel electrophoresis d. Outline how gel electrophoresis could be used by law enforcement officials in a case where there are multiple suspects and a blood sample from the crime scene.

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