Perform Static Structural analysis using ANSYS on the bridge in Figure 1, or design a bridge of your own.

Note the following constraints:

Apply 4 different loadings on the bridge, and discuss the results achieved in the report

- Load 1: 1000 kg/m²

- Load 2: 3000 kg/m²

- Load 3: 7000 kg/m²

- Load 4: 10000 kg/m²

Specify 2 different material types, Run the simulation for Material A using Load 1 & 3 and form

Material B using Load 2 & 4

Determine with your group how will you apply the boundary conditions in the software

Mesh sizing should be more accurate for the area where the force is located

Find the Maximum Stress and Strain and the Total Deformation

Apply the force on the face as Pressure and have the units in MPa

All details should be mentioned in your report, step by step guide considering the reader

doesn't know how to use ANSYS.

You must use ANSYS and thus, at least one member per group should have it downloaded.

Provide calculations to validate your models results

Show the steps to perform 3D Printing