Peter who is on a moving trolley throws a ball to John (who is stationary) as shown in Fig. Q2a. The trolley is moving at a constant speed of 3.2

m/s to the right. If the ball leaves the boy with a velocity of 4.8 m/s with the angle, If John is to catch the ball, find the time taken for the ball to reach John. Find the distance, X m, between Peter and John at the start of the motion, when the ball leaves Peter. Find the position of Peter from John when the ball reach John. Two blocks A and B of masses ma =15 kg and mB =24 kg are connected by a rope over a pulley as shown below. The static coefficient of friction and the kinetic coefficient of friction between block A and the inclined surface is 0.25 and is 0.15.Neglect the mass of the rope and the pulley, and assume that the length of the rope remains constant. Draw the free body diagrams and kinematic diagrams of blocks A and B if the h locks were to move Show that block A will move up the slope and find the common acceleration of blocks A and B.

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