PK SalesPerformanceFact FK Sales Personkey FK OrderDateKey TotalTaxAmount TotalSubTotal HighestTaxAmountForOrder DimDate DateKey Full Date int datetime int int int int int SalesPersonDim SalesPersonKey BusinessEntityID Marital Status Gender SalesQuota int int varchar(25) varchar(25) int/nAssignment 4 - ETL for Simple Enterprise Data Warehouse Summer 2023 It must be submitted through the "Assignment 4 - ETL for Simple Enterprise Data Warehouse" in Assignment Submission Folder provided in the D2L. It is important that you specify your name in the SQL Server Integration Service DTSX file. The attachment name should follow the following convention: BUSA532_ASSIGNMENT4_FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME.DTSX. Overview: Now that we have learned to load data into Date dimension in assignment 3. In assignment 4, we are going to repeat the ETL process for other dimension and fact tables. In this assignment, you goal is to load data from OLTP database to create dimension and fact table using SSIS. Business scenario: Please install AdventureWorks database, read the AdventureWorks case study, and analyze the ERD OLTP schema before starting this assignment. The CEO of Adventure Work Inc. wants a data warehouse to keep track of sales' performance. The figure below shows tables of Adventure Work Inc.'s OLAP. Three fact metrics that he wants to have for his data warehouse: TotalTaxAmount, TotalSubTotal, and HighestTaxAmountForOrder. Create SSIS package solution that can perform ETL process to load data into OLAP database (10 points). Please note that Sales PersonDim should handle Slowly Changing Dimension issues. The following criteria will be used to grade the assignment: • Codes are run with detail comment, accurate, and answers are correct. *** NOTE Please feel free to consult your instructor by email or phone, if you have questions or need assistance!!

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