Predict the likelihood that individuals will subscribe to a magazine (indicated by a 1 in the Subscribe column) based on their age and annual income (in thousands of dollars). You must

first carry out linear regression before carrying out logistic regression. Now, based on the result of the logistic regression, calculate the probability that a 64-year-old with an annual income of $84,000 is a subscriber. (2 points) With logistic regression, the probability that a person is a subscriber is given by the following equation: intercept, 31 is the Where 30 is the coefficient for coefficient for age and 32 is the coefficient for income. Or in our case. e (coefficient of intercept + coefficient of age * age + coefficient of income (coefficient of intercept + coefficient of age income * income)) where age is 64 and annual income is 84. income) / (1+e age + coefficient of