Principles of Macroeconomics You may submit these earlier. Emails of pictures taken by phone of your graphs will not be accepted. You will need to upload a pdf of your

graphs into your word document and submit on titanium.Length: the amount you need to write to explain your answers (not counting graphs) is a paragraph or two for each question. I am more interested in whether your answer uses the numbers and reasoning provided in the article and what you learned in class, rather than the mere length. If you find that you are repeating yourself, then that is not a good sign. :) Be confident!You know this stuff.I will provide you with the opportunity to fix your mistakes, so I will not be going over the answers of this assignment before it is due. If any of you have specific doubts, I will be happy to answer them. However, in the interest of fairness, I cannot “look over" your answers before you submit it.Style: I am not concerned about APA or MLA. This assignment is graded on content and coherent writing. Please type your answers to the extent possible.Please write well. Points will be subtracted for grammatical errors.Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of 10 points (out of 100) per extra day late.Plagiarism will result in an F and further disciplining. DO NOT USE BULLET POINTS TO EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER.DO NOT USE QUOTES FROM THE ARTICLE: I WOULD LIKE YOU TO REWORD THE MATERIAL AND NOT USE QUOTES TO EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWERS.Please read the above-referenced article: Demographics and Debt Hang Over Long-Term U.S. Growth The main purpose of the is assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to show that you can understand a macroeconomics article in the Wall Street Journal and narrate it by referring to the main facts, substantiated with numbers, and what you learned in class. Please answer the following questions: PLEASE WRITE THE QUESTION NUMBER.DO NOT JUST SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS ESSAY STYLE. 1. What is the first figure, "Fewer Americans Projected U.S. population" telling you? Your answer should include facts/numbers: Hover your mouse on the figure and read off the numbers for the last year (example, 2046) for each of the three cases that are described. What are the three cases drawn in the figure referring to? Change your browser if you cannot read the numbers as you hover your mouse on the graph. Chrome works for me. 15 points

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