Problem 02 - at a temperature of 500 degrees K, determine the pressure that water begins to boil. You'll need to use the quality, "Q" in props si() as one of the inputs. (Hint: A Q = 0 is a saturated liquid on the edge of boiling. A Q = 1 is a saturated vapor that's on the edge of condensation. But because boiling in an open container is a constant temperature, constant pressure process, it won't matter what "Q" you use to find the P. At a given T, you'll get the same P for a Q = 0, 0.1, 0.5, 0.75, or Q = 1. But a Q = -1 in cool props means that the state of your fluid isn't in or on the vapor dome, and isn't about to evaporate or condense.)

Fig: 1