Problem 1 (30 Points - Shell and tube HX and E-NTU) Hot oil (Cp,pil = 2.13 kJ/kg K) is to be cooled by water (cp.water = 4.18 kJ/kg K) in a shell and tube heat exchanger with one pass of shell and eight passes of tube. The tubes are thin-walled and made of copper with a diameter of 1.4 cm. The length of each tube pass in the heat exchanger is 5 m, and the overall heat transfer coefficient is 310 W/m²K. Water flow through the tubes at a rate of 0.2 kg/s and the oil through the shell at a rate of 0.3 kg/s. The water and the oil enter at temperatures of 20°C and 150°C, respectively. Determine the rate of heat transfer in the heat exchanger and the outlet temperatures of the water and the oil.

Fig: 1