Problem 1: AC Signals For the AC voltage plotted in Figure 1, find the following: a. Amplitude, V, in volts. b. Peak-to-peak voltage, Vpk-pk, in volts. c. Period, 7, in seconds. d. Frequency, f, in hertz. e. Angular frequency, w, in rad/s. f. Phase shift, , in radians, relative to a sine wave with zero phase shift. g. Using your values from parts (a), (e), and (f) above, write the equation for the AC voltage as a function of time, using sine. h. Suppose this is the voltage drop across a 2 kn resistor. Write the equation for the current through that resistor as a function of time, in milliamps. i. For the resistor in part (h), calculate the root mean square voltage and current. j. Calculate the average power dissipated by the resistor in part (h), in milliwatts.

Fig: 1