Problem 1: Consider a Reheat-Regenerative Rankine Cycle that receives steam at 207 bar and 595 C, expanding it to 39bar, 345 C. At this point, the steam passes through a

reheater and re-enters the turbine at 34 bar and 595 C, whence it expands to 9 bar, 427 C, at which point steam is bled for feed water heating. Exhaust occurs at 0.7 bar.For the ideal cycle, (a) sketch the events on a T-s pane, and for1 kg of throttle steam, find (b) the mass of bled steam, (c) the work, (d) the heat input and (e) the efficiency of the cycle, (f)if the turbine has an efficiency of 85%, will it increase or decrease the efficiency of the cycle?

Fig: 1