Problem #1: Part a in Figure 1** is to be produced using impression forging process.We are using a small billet/slug shown in Figure 2, as the input to the system. Assumingthe specific weight of the metal is =0.283 lb/in³ , answer the following questions 1)- is the input material satisfy the requirement of the impression forging (i.e., size of the input material) 2)-Can we use a flash-less Forging Process? . Explain your answer. 3)-In case one: a)- Is the output of this process readily useful or need further processing.Explain why b)- what is the yield of the system 4)- for a production rate of 500 units/day, determine material loss per month. Use the following assumption Day =8 hours, week =40 hours and a month = 4.2 weeks

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