Problem 2: Compressed Gas Tanks II Consider a compressed gas tank weighing 106 lb, 4.0 ft long, and pressurized to 2200 psig. Assume a = 1 and hi = P tank/2y. What would happen if this tank were knocked over, creating a½ in hole, at the end of the tank, through which gas flowed perpendicular to the tank's axis? Part A Draw a sketch of this situation. Make it large, as it will be referenced in your calculations. Part B Write Bernoulli's equation for a streamline connecting Point 1, inside the cylinder, to Point 2,just outside the orifice. Label your sketch so that your figure matches your equation.Part C What is the fluid velocity as the gas exits the tank? (equation)Part D What is the resulting force on the tank? [lb]Part E What can you do to prevent accidents like this? (<25 words)

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