Problem 2 [Marks 2.0] Water flows into and discharges from a pipe U-section as shown in the Figure. The total absolute pressure at flange (1) is 350 kPa and at flange (2), the total pressure is 220 kPa. At location (3), water discharges to the atmosphere at 100 kPa. Water flow rates from each point are shown in the Figure. Assume momentum correction factor of 1.03 throughout the pipes. Determine the following: 50 kg/s 75 kg/s 12 cm 5 cm 25 kg/s -2.5 cm a) Total forces along x and z axes (or FRx and FR₂) at the two flanges connecting the pipe (in KN). b) If the length of U-section is 100 cm and its average diameter 8.5 cm, calculate the weight of the U-section (kN) and discuss the significance of gravity force for this problem.

Fig: 1