Problem 2:Your Score:Points Possible:Professor's feedback:10How many rows did your query return?Instructions:Put your SQL in the "Problem 2"location in the SQL template.Put your row count in the green box in cell D5.Some

faculty are grumbling that certain professors have an easyteaching load,defined as only a few courses with low capacity,while others have a heavy load of many courses with high seatcounts.Run a query to help answer this question.Your output should contain the faculty ID,faculty name(first andlast-it's fine to have this as two separate fields,also fine toconcatenate together),the largest capacity class the facultymember is assigned to teach,the maximum possible total studentload(sum of all the course capacities),and the number of classesthe faculty member is teaching.Include all faculty members,even if they are not assigned toteach any courses.Include courses only if they are taught by afaculty member.Sort your output ascending by the number ofcourses taught,with the professors with the fewest courses at thetop.For example,if you had the following input data(the blank row atthe bottom means Professor Poldark did not teach anything):Faculty IDFaculty NameTermClassClass capacityMichael MouseFallEars for the Novice501Michael MouseSpringEars for the Novice20Michael MouseSummerComedic Voices10Michael MouseSummerCalculus Il20Nancy DrewFallCalculus30Nancy DrewSpringCalculus103Ross Poldark、Your desired output would be something like this:Faculty IDFaculty NameMax capacitySum of capacityHow many classesSome indicationSome indication he did not3Ross Poldarkhe did not teachSome indication he did not teach anythingteach anythinganything2 Nancy Drew304021Michael Mouse501004Please note the "some indication he did not teach anything"is*nota request for you to literally reproduce that text string.Instead,SQL may produce some code,notation,NA indication,orblank space when a faculty member did not teach anything.Put a box in the Excel document near your SQLcode with anexplanation for what that means.For example,if your SQL produces a red box as the indication thatthe faculty member did not teach anything,above yourscreenshot you would write"The red box in the Max Capacitycolumn indicates that faculty member did not teach anything."SQL code and screenshot(s)of successfulexecution:

Fig: 1

Fig: 2