Problem 29.55 In a circular region, there is a uniform magnetic field B pointing into the page (see the figure). An ay coordinate system has its origin at the circular region's center. A free positive point charge +Q=1.0 μC is initially at rest at a position = + 10 cm on the z axis. X X X IX X BX X X X X XXX+5X X X +0=1.0 μC 0x +10 cm Part A If the magnitude of the magnetic field is now decreased at a rate of -0.14 T/s, what force (magnitude and direction) will act on +Q? Express your aswer using two significant figures. ANSWER: 16/23/nPart B ANSWER: The force is in -y- direction. The force is in +y-direction. The force is in +x-direction. The force is in -x-direction.

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