Fluid Mechanics

Problem 3. (15 points) Water is flowing into and discharging from a U-shaped pipe section as shown. At flange (1), 20 kg/s of water flows into the section with the total absolute pressure of 200 kPa. At flange (2), the absolute pressure is 140 kPa. The diameter of pipes 1 and 2 is11 cm and 6 cm respectively. Determine the total x and y forces on the flanges connecting the pipe bend. Do not neglect the viscous losses in the pipe bend. (That is, do not use the Bernoulli equation to relate the pressures at locations 1 and 2.) Use a momentum-flux correction factor to be 1.03. In your discussion answer the following question: Is it possible to find the force on each flange individually? Why or why not? (Ans: 1.24 kN)



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