Problem 3:Your Score:Points Possible:Professor's feedback:10How many rows did your query return?Instructions:Put your SQL in the "Problem 3"location in the SQL template.Put your row count in the green box in cell D5.You

want to see how your various students are doing,GPA-wise.Create a report which will give the student's last name,student'sfirst name(should be concatenated into a single field as in theexample),the student's major,and the student's average GPA.Include only students who have actually taken at least one class(if they took it and earned 0 GPA points indicating they failed it,that record should be included.Do not include a student whohas not taken any classes.The average GPA is the average of the GPA Points column in theenrollment table;display this to four or more decimal places.Sort alphabetically by "Last,First"name combination.Paste a screen shot of successful execution below.Be sure yourscreenshots show all the SQL you use;you are welcome to includeseveral screen shots if necessary.56For example,if your input data is like this:(note the in the last row-indicates student Tyrone Brown is new and has not taken any classes yet,has only declared a major.)

Fig: 1

Fig: 2