Problem 3:In your mechanical testing lab, you perform a series of cyclic fatigue tests to determine the number of cycles to failure (N) for given levels of applied stress (a, units of MPa). Using the set of experimental measurements below, write an M-file that uses nonlinear regression to fit a power relationship to the data(i.e. N = a *o", where a1 and a2 are the model constants to be determined). The M-file must then use the resulting power relationship to predict the number of cycles to failure at a stress level of 750 MPa. Plot the data points and the power relationship on a single plot. Be sure to label your axes. You may use the fminsearch function in your M-file to do the optimization (minimization) as discussed in the class for under Lecture 19 given as non linear regression (see the example script on Canvas script_nonlinear_regression_example.m). Provide a printout of your M-file and a printout of the command window showing your results.

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