Problem 4: Heart Mechanics The human heart is a pump. Assume an average person with 5.3 L of blood, which has a specific gravity of 1.060 and a dynamic viscosity

3 times that of water. Assume a temperature of 35°C, a resting pulse of 90 beats/minute, heart discharge of 5.0 L/min, and head change of 35 mm Hg. By the way, that head change corresponds the high pressure is 105 mm Hg, and the low pressure is 70 mm Hg, giving AH= 35 mm Hg.a blood pressure of “105-over-70", which means Part A What is the power delivered to the blood by the heart? [W] Part B If the power required by the heart is 2.0 W, what is the heart's efficiency? [-] Part C What is the heart's daily energy requirement? [kJ] Part D Convert the units from [kJ] to [number of milk shakes]. 4.2 kJ =1 food calorie, and assume a 16 oz Strawberry Triple Thick Shake containing 560 food calories.*

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