Problem 5 (20 Points) Re-Visit Problem 2. INSTEAD of deriving a "closed-form" equation that relatesviscosity (µ), angular velocity [w,radians/second], length (L) , torque (T) and Radiie Ri anf Ro you aregiven the task of determining a minimum no. of Buckingham-n Groups that can be used in anexperiement to test a protoype rotating viscometer. A. Determine the Buckingham -n Groups B. Using the data shown in Problem 1, plot the Buckingham -n Groups. C. NEXT: Using the viscosity determined in Problem 1 as a fixed value (use viscosity of SAE30 oil at150F if you do not have a soln. for Problem 2), calculate the torque that you would expect for a speed of 10 radians/sec. using ONLY the plot in Part B of this problem D. Repeat the calculate using the derived equation from Problem 2. Compare and Comment onthe two answers.

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