Problem 7 Chuck has had a busy summer moving merchant products around a Shopify warehouse for delivery fulfillment. They worked so hard in fact that parts of Chuck are now malfunctioning and need replacing. Until fixed, whenever Chuck attempts to rotate in a given direction an additional rotation occurs: 90° clockwise times the total number of attempted rotations. Chuck makes their way to the engineering department by navigating a complex passage corridor within the warehouse. Chunk enters the east facing door and begins their journey to get fixed. Chuck moves forward 10ft and attempts to turn 360° to the left. Chuck moves another 10ft forward and attempts to turn 90° to the right. Chuck realizes they are facing the wrong direction and attempts to turn 180° to the left. Chuck continues forward for 25ft and approaches another set of doors. Through these doors the hallway splits left and right. Chuck attempts to turn 90° to the right and moves forward 15ft. Starting to hear the telltale sounds of the engineering department, Chuck grows more comfortable knowing his problems will soon be fixed. Chuck attempts to turn 90° to the left, moves forward 8ft, and attempts to turn 90° to the right. Chuck is now standing outside the Engineering Department, but what direction are they facing? What direction is Chuck facing?