Problem: for the simple frame below, assume same young's modulus E for both be demand columns, and story height is 15 ft, and bay width is 20 ft. Also assume that the column has section modulus of Ic and the beam has section modulus Ib=ß lc. Part a: use the force method to solve the reaction forces at A and B. (Note the reactionforces might be expressed as functions of B) (30%) Part b: based on your calculation from Part a, plot the variation of horizontal reaction force Ax with respect to B (15%); comment on why the reaction force Ax will change when the value of ß changes (10%) Part c: for the case of W24x84 for the beam and W14x211 for the column, what is the value of ß in this case? Calculate the reaction forces based on your derivation in part a and develop the moment diagram of the frame (15%); and use the virtual work method to calculate the horizontal displacement of C (15%) Part d: use SAP2000 to solve frame moment diagram and horizontal displacement of C for part c and compare with that from Part c; comment on possible difference (15%) Part e: what value should we take for ß to reduce the reaction force A, by 15% when compared with that from Part c? (15%)

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