prod01-cnow take HW 4-Intro to Equilibrium 1. Microscopic Reversibility 2. Equilibrium Constant: Mathemat 1 pts 2req 3. Equilibrium Constant Magnitude 1 pts 2eq 1 pts req 4. Exploring Equilibrium Nitrogen 5: Writing Equilibrium Expressions 1ptx 2req 6. Writing Equilibrium Expressions 1 pts req 7. Manipulating K Expressions 8 Calculate K for Rearanged Equ Question Question 9. Writing Equilibrium Expressions Progress: 09 groups Due Jun 22 at 11:55 PM Finish Assignment 1 pts 2req 1 pts 2req 1 pts 2req O 1pts Zreq The equilibrium constant, Ke, for the following reaction is 13.5 at 337 K. 2CH₂Cl₂ (9) CH₂(g) + CCL (g) Calculate Ke at this temperature for the following reaction: 1/2CH, (g) + 1/2CCL (9) CH₂Cl₂ (g) K₂ Submit Answer Review Topics) [References] Use the References to access important values if needed for this question. Retry Entire Group 9 more group attempts remaining Email Instructor Nex Sav

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