Program: SongList and MySong For this project, you will be creating a lists of songs, like a playlists in a music app. The song data will be obtained from an online

dataset and accessed via the BRIDGES API. The dataset structure for the songs consists of the title, release_date, artist, album, and lyrics. • You are to write a class called MySong to hold information about songs. o The MySong class must implement the Comparable o You will be obtaining the song data to create MySong objects using the BRIDGES API via the connect.DataSource and bridges.data_src_dependent.Song classes. • You will store the MySong objects in a second class called SongList o The SongList class implements the custom List Download List interface and the java.util.Iterable interface. o You only need to implement the iterator method of the Iterable interface, you may leave the two default methods as they are provided. o A SongIterator class must be implemented as an inner class to the SongList o Each SongList must have a name and a linked chain of Slelement objects