Project-2 A two storied residential building will be constructed, and the plan of the building is shown below (Fig. 1). The boring log of the site is also included. There is an average 6% slope on the surface of the land. Estimate the shear strength of soil from the SPT value given in the boring log using the given correlation between su and SPT. The line load from the load bearing wall at the periphery of the foundation is 500 lb/ft and the uniformly distributed load on the foundation is w = 300 lb/ft². There are three internal columns on the foundation, which are 1 ft x 1 ft size and each of the columns carries 120 kips load. Design the slab-on-grade foundation following WRI method. Turn in: 1. Sample calculation for number of beams, beam depth, reinforcements, punching shear from the columns and 2. A pdf of the AutoCAD drawing for the foundation. (a sample drawing is provided)

Fig: 1