Project: O samples that includes an independent(X) and dependent (Y) variable. Please complete the following. 1) Look at the data and provide a name for the data table (for example, let

x = price of stocks and y= number of shares traded). Support your naming convention and explain what the management decision entails. 2) Plot the data and determine if the data suggest that the regression is nonlinear. Explain why or why not. 3) Obtain the residuals and plot them against the fitted values and against X on a separate graph. Obtain a normal probability plot. Explain what your plots show. 4) Explain how the large sample theory would apply to the data. 5) Explain in detail the regression model that best fits the data. 6) Provide a detailed summary of any other findings of note and comment on the validity of the regression model developed to support management decision- making. Present your findings in an MS Word document with the appropriate tables and graphs embedded and annotated in your document.