Project Submission :Model: in addition to the hard copy, students should submit written reports in soft copy through the Model system which is available online at https://Ims.ectmoodle.ael 4. Each group has to submit one soft copy of the project to ECT Model websitebefore 1/01/2021. 5. Project Assessment :This project contains 15% of your total marks for this course. The assessment of the project will be undertaken by your teacher. After that, teacher will attend your presentations. 6. Project Presentation As part of the assessment you will be required to give a presentation of your project to your teacher. Each group presentation will be timetabled for between 45 to 90 minutes through zoom meeting. The presentation is assessed separately and is a compulsory component of the project. The teacher will not allocate a mark for a project unless there had been a formal presentation. The objective of the presentation is to find out exactly what you have done.

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