Prompt: In the four Books of The Iliad that we read for ENG 2800, one thing we see repeatedly is Achilles's anger. In class we have focused on the events centered

on Achilles's anger. This prompt asks you to evaluate Achilles's anger in The Iliad. To do so thoughtfully, you need to recognize that each incident we studied has involved a different situation. Each has differed in circumstances, in the requests made of Achilles and the arguments put to him, and in the persons who approach him. You need to take these factors into consideration. You must write about each book (1, 9, 22, 24) that we read in this Iliad unit, but choose your items, you don't need to write about every item. Show that you have re-read the pertinent passages and have the text open in front of you as you write so you can quote often and briefly. Do not just make statements.

Fig: 1