Purpose The purpose of this assessment is to utilize a third-party web service in an original program created by the student. Assessment Instructions For this assessment, you will use two web service application programming interfaces (APIS): Google Geocoding TM and Google Maps™M. You will provide a form for the user to enter an address, city, state, and ZIP code. This information will be passed to the Google Geocoding API, which will convert the address to the latitude and longitude coordinates. You will want to study the Google Geocoding API to understand the data format requirements and think about how you will have to massage the form data to meet the API requirements. The latitude and longitude coordinates will then be passed to the Google Maps API, and you will display the map for the location in three different formats (e.g., road view, satellite, and hybrid). Keep in mind the multi-tier architecture that you learned previously and try to use this approach of keeping GUI and business logic separate. Be creative in how you control the display of the 3 views. You might display all of them at once, use radio button controls to select between the 3 views or any other options you want to use in your design. Requirements 1. Student creates a form for entry of the address of their choice (including address, city, state, ZIP). 2. The address data is passed to the Google Geocoding API to convert the address to latitude and longitude. 3. The latitude and longitude are then passed to Google Maps API, and the location is mapped in three different map formats.

Fig: 1