Q-1: A water pump is delivering water to a system.Solve the following system of equations using Naïve Gauss elimination_to obtain the flow in every stream: \begin{array}{l} 7 Q_{2}-2 Q_{3}-Q_{4}=3 \\

-2 Q_{1}+9 Q_{2}-4 Q_{3}-Q_{4}=1 \\ -Q_{1}-3 Q_{2}+7 Q_{3}-Q_{4}-2 Q_{5}=4 \\ -4 Q_{2}-2 Q_{3}+11 Q_{4}-6 Q_{5}=1 \\ -7 Q_{3}-4 Q_{4}+12 Q_{5}=5 \end{array} 1-а):Solve above problem by Cramer's Rule. 1-b):Solve the above problem by LU decomposition. 1-c): Solve the above problem by using excel.

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