Q11. Draw the "position versus time" graph and the "distance versus time" graph for the following motion: 1. A biker travels for half an hour uphill at a speed of 10 mph. 2. She rests for 10 minutes. 3. She tums around returns the same way she came at a speed of 15 mph. Also answer the following questions: • What distance did she go uphill? How long did it take her to come back? What is the total time the biker traveled? What is the total distance the biker traveled?/nQ12. Give an example of an object in motion for each of the following graphs. (a) position (meters) position (meters) time (seconds) time (seconds) Q13. A car travels 50 meters east in 15 seconds. What is the car's average velocity? SHOW WORK Q14. A motorcycle starts from a standstill. In 15 seconds it reaches a velocity of 20 m/s. What is the motorcycle's average acceleration? SHOW WORK Q15. During the U.S. trials for the 2004 Summer Olympics, Michael Phelps broke his own world record in the 400 meter individual medley when he was clocked at 4 minutes and 08.41 seconds. What was his average velocity and his average speed? Give your answer in SI units. SHOW WORK

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