Q11/A chain supermarket wished to determine whether the age of consumers was related to theirchoice of the two available brands of soy milk. A poll of 200 people from each

of three age groups was taken to determine whether they drink Soy life or its competitor, Vita Soy. The results foundare shown in the table below. Determine whether the brand of soy milk proportion and age groupof customers are independent of each other. A chi square test was performed for the followingdata: The following output wasgiven by minitab for the above data: Based on this data, answer the following questions: (ii) Write the two statements for null (HO) and alternative (H1) hypotheses (i) What type of Chi square test will you perform for this question? (iii) What is the value of the test statistic from the output? (iv) Calculate the degrees of freedom. Show your calculation (v) Using the Chi square table, find the critical value for the test at 5% significance level. (vi) Based on the above results do you accept or reject the null hypothesis? How did you decide this? (vii) Write a conclusion based on the test result.

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