Q1).Given the simply supported beam below, complete the following tasks: а).Determine the reactions at supports A and B b).Construct the shear force diagram c).Determine the position of zero shear d).Construct the bending moment diagram е).Determine the position of maximum moment f).Use BEAMGURU to check your shear force and bending moment diagrams. Include a hardcopyof the BEAMGURU results g).Determine the average shear stress at point C on the beam Graph the shear stress distribution over the entire section of the beam for point C (i.e. break the top half of the section into four eaual parts) Determine the maximum compressive stress at point C Determine the maximum tensile stress at point C Draw the normal stress distribution for the entire section occurring at point C Using the normal stress distribution for point C, calculate the magnitude and position of theequivalent forces for compression and tension Evaluate the couple moment generated by the normal stress distribution for point C, and checkthis value against normal moment calculation methods

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