Q2. Using the data from Problem 2, build a Gaussian Naive Bayes classifier for this problem. For this you have to learn Gaussian distribution parameters for each input data feature, i.e. for p(height|W), p(height|M), p(weight|W), p(weight|M), p(age|W), p(age|M). a) Learn/derive the parameters for the Gaussian Na ive Bayes Classifier for the data from Question 2 a) and apply them to the same target as in problem 1a). b) Implement the Gaussian Na ive Bayes Classifier for this problem. c) Repeat the experiment in part 1 c) and 1 d) with the Gaussian Native Bayes Classifier. Discuss the results, in particular with respect to the performance difference between using all features and using only height and weight. d) Same as 1d but with Naïve Bayes. e) Compare the results of the two classifiers (i.e., the results form 1 c) and 1d) with the ones from 2 c) 2d) and discuss reasons why one might perform better than the other.

Fig: 1