Q4. Another student repeated the experiment using magnesium metal. How would the volume of the H₂ gas collected change (increase/decrease/no change) if the following conditions were changed? (All other conditions remain unchanged). For each condition, include a brief one sentence explanation of your answer. Condition a. A smaller mass of metal used. b. The atmospheric pressure decreased. a. b. Change in Volume of Hydrogen Gas? (Increase / Decrease / No Change) Brief Explanation of Your Answers:/nPartner: Atmospheric Pressure: 759.1 mmHg Room Temperature: 21.65 °C Mass of Magnesium Buret Reading before Reaction Buret Reading after Reaction 1 0.0120 g 0.99 mL 13.62 mL Trial 2 0.0130 g 0.75 mL 14.60 mL 3 0.0117 g 0.88 mL 16.58 mL

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